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You know how in those bully stories, there's that one dude who says that people are not born bad, they're always made that way because of bad homelives?

Horse shit. 

I think my sister was just born bad. 

Word of advice, future parents? Debate Team is one of the worst things that can happen to a kid in high school. It makes them into total smartypants who will constantly debate things that're obviously wrong and won't listen to any counter-argument or evidence proving their belief is wrong. They come down with acute Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and some do not grow out of it until after you've kicked them out of the house to university. Assuming they do grow out of it... 
EDIT: Oops. Okay, so my sister was this way BEFORE debate - debate just made her far worse. 

Recently, one of my dachshunds died. Because mom and I were out of state, my sister kinda blames her for it - never mind that we canceled it and paid through the nose to get tickets home the next day. -.-; Ever since then, my sister has been emotionally and verbally attacking mom. 

You know what I mean. Constantly giving her attitude, trying to turn me and dad against Mom, lecturing us about how sad our remaining dachshund is going to be like we don't know (Gosh, it's almost as if we own dogs and know the behaviour of the dogs we own. :O ), sends proxies to team up against mom, give her the silent treatment, you know, standard NPD-type behaviour. 

Most recently, our remaining dachshund managed to push a suitcase twice his size a good 30 feet into the laundry room, unzipped it, and ate chocolate covered wine grapes, which resulted in him having to go into the hospital. Naturally, my sister and her boyfriend are all hostile to mom and blame her for it, basically saying "That's why you don't leave food on the floor" despite that 

a) They don't live here and therefore did not see the scene
b) Somehow expected us to know that a fourteen year old dachshund who is too lazy to get onto the bed using a ramp will somehow know how to move and unzip a suitcase that is three times his size and weight. 
c) Mom flat out admitted she should not have left the suitcase on the floor and she's the one who paid for the vet bills
d) We're the ones who took him to hte emergency vet in a blizzard. 

So they're deciding to attack mom by proxy. They're shocked when she decides "I'm not eating dinner with these two." SHOCKED. :O 

And this isn't getting into the shit we went through growing up. :roll: Before mom was her scapegoat, it was me. My sister once paid a 9th grader to bully me in Jr. High (We had grades 7-9 in Jr. High at the time), destroyed my things, lied to get me in trouble, thumbed through my backpack looking for stuff with bad grades, and let's just say, we used to fight. A lot. And I mean a lot. At one point, we couldn't even eat dinner in the same room because she'd kick me under the table and start verbally attacking me. Her attitude towards mom and me nearly caused my parents to separate until she was off to college just because a neighbour thought there was a domestic disturbance going on and called the cops. Had to go to separate schools just because my sister kept trying to get me in trouble and attempted to turn administration against me (even tried to get me arrested multiple times).

It's legit starting to affect the family - last year after a massive fight with her that she never apologised to, I ditched out of Thanksgiving to get away from her. Mom has also started to ditch family dinners because she can't deal with the attitude. And the reason why we're going to the casino on Christmas instead of spending it with our family? Partly due to her going with her boyfriend's family... and partly so we can get away from her. 
So. The university has a bit of a problem with the bathrooms. 

One recurring problem is that the ladies room in physiology is constantly overflowing. No idea, just randomly happens. The janitors are always going in there and mopping up the mess that popped up overnight. Did that damned vandal who enjoyed flushing T-shirts down the toilet make themselves known in physiology? -.-;

The other week, the janitors had to come in and help someone out of a bathroom in the library. It was one where the entire room locked - and it broke. So they had to literally call the library desk for a janitor to have the door opened.

The worst is the men's room in chemistry. The locks on the stalls are all busted. One stall is literally stuck that way - the only way in is to crawl on the bathroom floor, which we all know is filthy. (btw, you wouldn't think so, but the number of kids who're not even potty-trained yet are somehow in university is surprisingly high judging by how often the janitors have had to clean up piles of shit on the floor...) Number two won't lock period. Number three and four the locks will get stuck but if you screw with them enough or pull, you can get them open. 

seriously, the broken locks are an OHSA violation - technically it is a workplace! 

Yet tuition keeps spiking for "university fees". At the same time, we're getting a lot of construction work in... I wonder where the money for those is coming from... 
Well, post them here. I have my own, but I won't post RIGHT here just to avoid derailing the entire thread. 
So, what kind of things have you learned from video games? As in, actual things.

For the sake of the thread... we can discount any edutainment games from this (cause come on you're supposed to learn from those).

As for things I've learned from games:

-I went to tennis camp in grade 6. I actually knew the rules from Mario Tennis. 

-RuneScape taught me that Bronze is made from tin and copper. 

-RuneScape taught me what a scimitar is. 

-Persona taught me what the arcana of the tarot were.

-Jeanne d'Arc taught me that La Hire and Gilles de Rais were actual people. While it did not teach me that Gilles de Rais was actually a serial killer and a warlock who targeted children, funny enough the game by Level 5 actually DOES support this. (...yes. seriously. And he's a protagonist. The way is kinda spoilery) Also a few things about the French & English royal families. 

-Roller Coaster Tycoon taught me about physics somewhat - mostly kinetics. (Eg, ride moving too fast and it'll send people flying off.) 

-Many of those total war games (I think that's what they are called) are actually really really well researched, I remembered Saladin when I went to history class and we covered the crusades. 

-Broken Sword taught me how to properly pronounce Tezcatlipoca and that yes, he was an Aztec god. 
Six people in construciton worker uniforms come into the line. The other construction workers plug their nose and groan - they know these people obviously. 

These six men look like cavemen. Seriously. They look like they never shaved at all in their lives and never took a shower either. Two of them don't speak at all and only communicate via grunts, moans, and hand gestures. The others speak a bizarre mixture of English and a language that doesn't sound like Spanish at all. ("Trawawoa con kan Fookalookadoo" = Six inch Tuna on White. Their word for "toasted" sounded like "Firaga" too)

And did I mention the stink? 


It smelled as if you took a sweaty athlete, rubbed them with rancid butter, and mummified them with the entire football team's sweaty socks. @_@ People were literally gagging because it was so pungent. These people didnt' care at all. 

They had atrocious table manners and left their garbage all over the floor. They spilled their drinks and didn't bother to let us knkow or even try to clean up the mess. One of them was looking at the soda fountain like it was some kind of mystical fountain and put his hand in it and jumped when it sprayed Sprite on his hand. They had food in their beards. 

And did I mention the stink?!?

I swear there were literally flies buzzing around these people. When they left, two hours later it REEKED of B.O and the entire can of febreeze our neighbours used to try and cover up the smell. (Also some person clogged the toilet after taking a 5 pound shit so we had to deal with THAT too.) 

And no, they did not look like Neanderthals. Neanderthals had better hygiene. The money these people paid with (Several $20s. Nice.) was covered in dirt and paint much like their hands that I doubt had EVER been washed. I literally put disinfectant on the bills. D: 
Stolen from :iconsomemuttupnorth:

1.  How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Uh... eight years? (Some time in 2007) 

2.  What does your username mean?

Because I was too shy to make my own dA, someone I knew named Ginseng (Whatever happened to him) told me to piggyback on one. So we just did two things - HerbalDrink. 

3.  Describe yourself in three words.

Self esteem problems 

4.  Are you left or right handed?

Right-handed, but I think I could have been left-handed. 

3.  What was your first deviation?

Fire Emblem Chibi-Test by HerbalDrink

4.  What is your favorite type of art to create?

Writing, really 

5.  If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?


6.  What was your first favorite?

DeviantArt Buddy v1.0 by shock-value
7.  What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?


8.  Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?

I can't really say anything - a lot of people on dA I follow elsewhere. 

9.  If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

:icondragon-architect: :iconcalem505: :iconmarjask: :iconskythe-soulblade: :iconcjrodgers: :iconsomemuttupnorth: :iconcatmonkshiro: :iconmarycapaldi: :icongerman-shepherd: :iconauraguardianhadou: :iconadreos: :iconben300: :iconp1-2004gsb: :iconcyrustarber: 

10.  How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Where would I be without you, bro? Seriously... Just... words cannot express how much I owe you. 

11.  What are your preferred tools to create art?

MS word or google docs 

12.  What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Whatever is on my YouTube

13.  What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

I truly think that 2007-2009 might have been my "Golden age" on deviantART, especially 2008. I mean, that's when I met... most people. That's when most people I still talk to today are here. I've used dAmn so much, even in the years following that. I think that was more when I started looking at things, seeing interesting things... and really fostering my interest in other things. 

Apparently, I think horns are a cool thing to have. 
  • Listening to: iPod stuff
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  • Watching: TV
  • Playing: Knights in the Nightmare
  • Eating: and EATing and EATing
  • Drinking: Blue Sky Cola


I dunno.
United States
Current Residence: Vanilla Valley Colorado
Favourite genre of music: A lot except Gospel and (c)Rap.
Favourite photographer: Timmywheeler
Favourite style of art: Fantasy, Sprites
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nanos
Shell of choice: Err...Turtle/Kappa shell?
Wallpaper of choice: Guild Wars: Demon-posessed Gwen.
Skin of choice: Bronze Dragon Scales
Favourite cartoon character: Baby Bonnie Hood
Personal Quote: Plotholes can explain a LOT of things.


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